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With its inaugural run in March 2017, PORR AustriaRail GmbH qualified as a railway company (EVU) in Austria. An EVU denotes a railway company which is allowed to provide rail transport services on the railway infrastructure of main and branch lines.

Strategic decision.
This qualification is based on a strategic decision by PORR. PORR AustriaRail GmbH can plan and carry out such journeys independently and autonomously. Among other things, an EVU plans and monitors the operational process on construction sites in the railway sector. The BIB Railway and Civil Engineering department carries out this task centrally for PORR Bau GmbH, and can in future do the same for external clients.

Numerous audits and legal requirements.
Approving and obtaining your own EVU requires several audits and compliance with countless legal requirements and ordinances. A safety management system (SMS) is also required for approval as an EVU, similar to that of the ISO certification system. This SMS is required to document all rail transport services to be provided. For example, it is particularly important to ensure that all employees deployed are trained in accordance with the legal requirements. The machines and devices used must also comply with the legal requirements.

As all the necessary requirements were met in an exemplary manner, PORR AustriaRail GmbH was approved as an EVU for Austria by TÜV Austria and the Federal Ministry of Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology.
PORR AustriaRail GmbH has been operating as an approved railway company in Austria since March 2017.
PORR sees the qualification as another step towards strengthening its competitiveness on the Austrian market.

Practice apprenticeship and training trips.
A certain number of practical hours on the TEN (Trans-European Networks) routes are required to achieve the status of "train driver".
PORR AustriaRail GmbH has the necessary prerequisites and provides the opportunity to acquire such practical hours.

EVU contact person Philipp Hirzer